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Simplifying the adoption process and making it affordable for the every-day family.

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To make adoption affordable, we offer our consulting services to Alberta and Saskatchewan families at only our costs. We can only do this through your generous support. Please donate today, so we can continue to unite families through adoption. You will receive a Charitable Tax Receipt for your support.


At Empowering Adoption, we provide international adoption consulting services to families at only our costs, in order to simplify and make more affordable the process of adoption. We provide a step by step outline of the adoption process via an online, interactive program we developed. As families complete each step in the process, our consultants work with families when they have questions and they verify that the family has completed each applicable step correctly, so they can move forward in the process.


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 At the time we provide consulting services for the following international adoptions: 

Alberta or Saskatchewan residents, adopting from Colombia -> Click for Eligibility

Getting Started
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First, reach out to us via email or phone to determine your eligibility and if our consulting services are right for you. We will have a brief meeting with you to discuss the process and answer your preliminary questions. If it is determined that our consulting services are a good fit, then you can proceed to the next step. 

Next, we will send you the Consulting Agreement for your review. Upon signing you will be given access to your online portal so that you can get started on your adoption! 

Last, via your online portal, you can start working through each step in the process. You will find information and videos in your portal, that walk you through each step of the process and as you work through each step, our consultants will check your submissions and give feedback accordingly.

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